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Oral Epics of Western Nepal and Related Traditions: Anthropological, Linguistic and Musical Perspectives

Workshop sponsored by the programme "Epopée Népal", French National Research Agency Boyd Michailovsky and Marie Lecomte-Tilouine (CNRS) in collaboration with Center for Nepal and Asian Studies (CNAS), Tribhuvan University

Day One: Tuesday, September 8
Venue: Conference Hall, CNAS
10:00 Coffee / tea
10:20-10:30 Yagya Prasad ADHIKARI, Executive Director, CNAS: Welcome address
10:30-10:45 Boyd MICHAILOVSKY, CNRS: Introduction; presentation of the programme
10:45-11:00 Mireille HELFFER, CNRS: Ethnomusicology in Nepal from a French viewpoint (Chair John Leavitt)
11:00 -11:40 Rémi BORDES, INALCO, Paris: Stylistic aspects of Nepalese epics
11:40 Coffee / tea (Chair John Leavitt)
12:00-12:40 Franck BERNÈDE, Chinese Cultural University, Taipei: Musical aspects of Nepalese epics
12:40-13:20 Jaya Raj PANT, Tribhuvan University: Shared themes in Nepalese epics and other genres
13: 20 Buffet (Chair Badri Narayan Tewari)
14:20-15:00 Marie LECOMTE-TILOUINE, CNRS: Golden Hair, from epic to fairy tale
15:00-15:40 Giri Raj JOSHI, Tribhuvan University: The language of bharats
15:40 Coffee / tea (Chair Maheswar P. Joshi)
16:00-16:40 Gregory MASKARINEC (University of Hawaii): Beyond text, beyond context. Archiving shaman oral texts from western Nepal
16:40-17:20 Jana FORTIER (University of California, San Diego): Dance is for God: Expressive culture among the forest-dwelling Raute of Nepal

Day 2: Wednesday, September 9
Venue: Conference Hall, CNAS

10:00 Coffee / tea (Chair Marie Lecomte-Tilouine)
10:20-11:00 Badri Narayan TEWARI , GB Pant Institute, Allahabad: Myths of the margins: folklore of the borderland between India and Nepal
11:00-11:40 John LEAVITT, University of Montreal: Uttarakhand and Western Nepal as an ethnopoetic area
11:40 Coffee / tea (Chair Claus Peter Zoller)
12:00-12:40 Maheshwar P. JOSHI (Doon Library and Research Centre, Dehradun) and Lakshmi Kant JOSHI D.A.V.P.G. College, Dehradun ; H.N.B. Central University, Shrinagar): The Ramayana in the folklore of Jaunsar-Baur (District Dehradun), Uttarakhand Himalaya
12:40-13:20 Suresh C. TAMTA (Government College, Narain Nagar, Askot, Kumaon, Uttarakhand) and M.P. JOSHI: The Story of Rama in the folklore of Eastern Kumaon
13:20 Buffet (Chair Gregory Maskarinec)
14: -20-15:00 Chandra Prakash FULORIYA, Museum, Kumaun University, Almora, and M.P. Joshi: Katyuri jagar rituals, local traditions, and archaeology
15:00-15:40 Vijaya BAHUGUNA, Doon Library and Research Center, Dehradun: Said jagar in Garhwal
15:40 Coffee /tea
16:00-16:40 Claus Peter ZOLLER, University of Oslo: The Bangani Mahabharata: Structures and Contexts
16:40-17:30 Discussion animated by Rémi BORDES and Franck BERNÈDE

Day 3: Thursday, September 10
Venue: Yala Maya Kendra, Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur.

10:00-12:00 Master class: dialogue between Gaine and Hudke musical traditions Debate and live performance by Shyam Nepali (Sarangiya) and Gome Damai (Hudkiya)
12:00 Lunch
13:00-14:00 Book launching: Bards and Mediums in the Central Himalayan Kingdoms
14:30-15:30 Hudkeli live performance :

Bard and musicians : Dadeldhura, Dailipalmandaun VDC :
Ratna Bahadur Dholi, ward 9, Rumail
Nar Bahadur Damai, ward 9, Rumail
Raiman Damai, ward 5, Jaisera
Dhanbir Damai, ward 9, Rumail


Hudkeli live performance :

Bard and musicians : Dailekh, Paduka VDC, ward 2, Dhamigaun :
Gome Damai Nepali
Aunse Damai Nepali
Prakash Damai Nepali
Cakre Damai Nepali


Hudkeli live performance :

Bard and musicians : Achham, Battisdara VDC, ward 6, Sera :
Budhya Damai
Bharat Damai
Dil Bahadur Damai
Khadke Damai

Thanks to Mr. Prem Bahadur Shahi of Surkhet, Ghatgaun-6, and Mr. Bhubaneswar Paneru of Dadeldhura, Dailipalmandaun-5 Jaisera, for accompanying the artists to Kathmandu.