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Introduction by Marc Gaborieau to the 7 epics recorded in West Nepal during his field mission with Mireille Helffer in 1969 (accessible on this site), with detailed summaries of Sangram Karki and Bika Paneru.

Article (in French, pdf) with authors' corrections, photos: Helffer, Mireille, et Marc Gaborieau. 1974. A propos d'un tambour du Kumaon et de l'Ouest du Népal: remarques sur l'utilisation des tambours-sabliers dans le monde indien, le Népal et le Tibet. [A drum from Kumaon and Western Nepal: notes on the use of hourglass-drums in India, Népal and Tibet.]

Introduction (in Nepali): Bhārat (huḍkelī) gāthāko paricaya [The bharat (hudkeli) ballads: an introduction], by Jaya Raj Pant.

Description and outlines (in Nepali) by Prof. Jaya Raj Pant of the 7 bharats recorded in 1969 and two bharats recorded in 2007.