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The first four recitals in the present corpus are from the Bhuji Valley in Baglung district, about 140km west of Kathmandu. The language is close to the "standard" spoken language. The last three are from Jajarkot, 100km further west; the language is significantly different.

  1. "The Nine Good Skillful Ones" is an important myth (WNep. khetī). We have posted the recording, transcription, and translation corresponding to lines 1-166 of the published version, through the creation of the first man. We apologize for leaving readers in suspense concerning the key events of the text, the birth of the first shaman and the nine witches, and the events leading to the division of labor between shamans and witches. The full text is published in NSOT2 pp. 33-75.

  2. The beginning of "Payalpur's Recital 3". This myth (also known as the "Dowry recital") is particularly relevant to women and women's afflictions. The recording is of a teaching session, accompanied by regular drumming; each line of the text is recited by the shaman and repeated by his disciples. The full transcription and translation is published in NSOT2 pp. 513-528.

  3. "Guru's Prayer 2" is a semi-private, preparatory mantra whispered at the beginning of a performance.

  4. The "House Binding Mantra 2" serves to protect a house.

  5. "Against Witches 1", the "Rudrākṣa Seed Recitation" was employed by the shaman Karṇa Vīr at the beginning of every ceremony, for protection against witches.

  6. A "Mantar to treat Headaches".

  7. The conclusion of the "Tilīgramā" ritual, considered by shamans to be their most important text. The original shaman cures the king of Sinja (whom he has earlier cursed), after which they divide their jurisdictions into the rulings of the day, the king's, and the rulings of the night, the shaman's.
Shaman texts
The Nine Good Skillful Ones 1 Maskarinec, Gregory G. Haribān Kāmī
Payalpur's recital 3 Maskarinec, Gregory G. Ginde Thāpā et...
Guru's Prayer 2 Maskarinec, Gregory G. Ḍalle Kāmī
House Binding Mantra 2 Maskarinec, Gregory G. Ḍalle Kāmī
Against Witches 1 (Rudrākṣa Seed R... Maskarinec, Gregory G. Karṇa Vīr Kāmī
Mantar to Treat Headaches 1 Maskarinec, Gregory G. Gumān Kāmī
Tilīgramā 2 ("Gorāpā's Event") (Gu... Maskarinec, Gregory G. Gumān Kāmī